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Heritage Classical Academy: Bringing School Choice To Local Houston Families

Heritage Classical Academy believes in school choice, for giving students who have no choice an option for tuition-free, quality education. Below we are answering some of the most asked questions we have received from local parents. Keep reading and let us know what questions you may have.

Q: What is Heritage Classical Academy (HCA)?

A: HCA is a proposed tuition-free public charter school with plans to open in Houston, Texas.

Q: Where will HCA be located?

A: Once the school is approved by the state, the property for the school will be purchased or leased. The property will be located in one of the following zip codes: 77092, 77055, 77018, 77091, 77088, 77080, 77022, 77007.

Q: Is there a cost to attend HCA?

A: No, HCA is a tuition-free public charter school.

Q: What is Classical Education?

A: Classical schools take an approach to education characterized by a traditional liberal arts and sciences curriculum and pedagogy, and an orientation towards truth, beauty, and goodness that aims to cultivate wise and virtuous citizens.

Q: What grade levels will HCA go up to?

A: Once approved by the Texas Education Agency, HCA will open with kindergarten and first grade. Each subsequent year the next grade level will be added to the school. The school will eventually go up to eighth grade.

Q: Will before and after school care be available?

A: Yes, before and after school care will be available. More information will be posted prior to the school’s opening.

Q: Will breakfast and/or lunch be served at school?

A: Lunch will be available for purchase similar to other school systems. Breakfast will not be served at this time, but may be in the future as the school grows.

Q: How can I stay up-to-date on school news and add my child to the enrollment waitlist?

A: Click here to receive news and updates from HCA, and be notified when the enrollment waitlist opens up.

Have a question we didn't answer above? You can email us here.


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