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hca set to open in the fall of 2025

Dear Friends and Families of HCA,


I hope this message finds you well. As we quickly approach the end of the school year, I want to take a moment and share important updates with you on HCA and our work to provide an exceptional educational experience for our future students.


Our team continues working to find a suitable location for our school. It is our goal to secure a location soon with the plan of opening HCA for the 2025-2026 school year. While we originally hoped to be open sooner, our board decided we would rather take our time and get it right, rather than rush to open a school in an inferior facility.  


We are steadfast in our determination to create a learning space that embodies the values of HCA, and believe taking this extra time will allow us to secure a location that aligns with our vision for the school, ensuring a nurturing and inspiring environment for our students to thrive.


Despite this delay, preparations for opening are quickly moving forward. Below are a few key time periods to look for in the coming year. 


• Enrollment for our inaugural 2025-2026 school year will open in late fall 2024. More details on exact dates and the enrollment process will be provided as we get closer to the enrollment window. In the meantime, we invite you to complete our enrollment interest form to stay up-to-date and be notified prior to enrollment opening. 

• We look forward to once again taking part in several community events in 2024, including National Night Out and local fall festivals. Our team also will be hosting our own events to provide you with more information on our curriculum, location, and overall vision for HCA. Notifications for these events will be sent to all email subscribers and posted on our social media pages. 

• We are committed to assembling a team of passionate educators and staff who share HCA’s core virtues and are dedicated to nurturing the intellectual, emotional, and moral development of our students. Hiring will begin in the spring of 2025, with opportunities posted on our careers page.


As a reminder, HCA will open with kindergarten and first grade. Each subsequent year the next grade level will be added to the school, eventually going up to eighth grade. This deliberate approach will allow us to focus on providing a strong foundation for our students and ensure that each child receives the personalized attention and well-rounded education he or she deserves.


We want to express our gratitude for your ongoing interest and trust as we continue on this journey together. We are confident that with your support, HCA will become a beacon of excellence in education for years to come.


We look forward to sharing more updates with you as they become available. Until then, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.


Warm regards,


Stuart D. Saunders

Board Chair

Heritage Classical Academy


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