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Letters of Support for HCA

During June 2022 hearings, the Texas State Board of Education made a last minute change to the schedule that resulted in many of our families being unable to share their stories and testimonies. These families took time off from work, traveled to Austin, and spent the day with us in support of school choice and classical education. They deserve to have their voices and stories shared.


Their stories are important, their words are impactful, and their time is invaluable. We thank them for their support then and now as we forge forward to provide a new option for education to families in northwest Houston. Keep reading below for their stories.

Alexandra N.

"While I myself am not a parent, I am a proud Latina who benefitted from a liberal arts education..."

Betty H.

"My name is Betty H. and I am here to ask your agency to approve the application of Heritage Classical Academy (HCA)..."

Cara G.

"She left her 7-month-old son at the orphanage, with a note stating her single dream for him- a good education. 1600 miles away, we dreamt of being parents..."

Dr. Richard J.

"Classical education involves introducing the mind to the “great ideas” through the “great books”..."

Allison B.

"I am an attorney in the State of Texas and an English-major. More importantly, I am the grandmother of two young grandsons..."

Blair H.

"I believe we all agree we could use more goodness in the world. And I believe that starts with individuals of character..."

Dahlia D.

"My name is Dahlia Delaise and I’m from San Antonio, Texas. I have had the privilege of sending my kids to a classical charter school and am so grateful for that opportunity..."

Fe Liza B.

"I implore upon your conscience that you grant Superintendent Ortiz the necessary charter to start Heritage Classical Academy..."

Annie S.

"My name is Annie S. I currently reside in zip code 75039 in Dallas, but grew up in the neighborhood in Houston..."

Brenda H.

"When I became dissatisfied with the current public schools in our area, I checked into finding a classical education program and found that there were none..."

Daisy H.

"Mi nombre es Daisy Handal con residencia en la ciudad de Pasadena, TX y originaria de Honduras, CA..."

Gary H.

"While we are not close to where HCA will be located, we would be willing to drive our children there for the type of education that HCA will be offering..."

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